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schizo blogging, basically.

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what i probably look like:
hey there

i don't really have a nickname so you can call me whatever you feel like. i'm a 17 year old who is interested in 3d art, music and talking to new people. i spend most of my time working on commissions, but when i'm not doing that, i'm either watching youtube or sleeping.

i made this website as a way of screaming all my problems into the void, rather then just making a private twitter account or some other shit. it also gave me an accuse to learn a bit of html, css and js. i won't be using this website to just unload all my issues though, i'll also (probably) be sharing art or other projects im currently working on, and try to connect with others that might stumble across this website.

one small issue though, currently i don't have a way for people to contact me. i'll update this page one day if i ever make a discord, or something.